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Prescription Glass from Google

Published by at 12:06pm on 25th Feb 2014. Last modified at 12:06pm on 25th Feb 2014

It has recently been reported that Google will release four prescription frames designed to work with Google Glass, the search company’s latest innovation.

Named after the metal they are made from, the ‘Titanium collection”, have been designed by Google instead of a glasses designer. The frames have special holes drilled in to them so the Glass technology can be easily attached.

Reports say that the Glass frames should be on sale sometime today for $225 (£135). That's $225 on top of the $1,499 Google charges for Glass, bringing the total to a chilling $1,724. After getting Glass and glasses frames, customers will still have to get prescription lenses cut for the frames.

Until now, it was extremely difficult for users of prescription glasses to even try Glass. Glass already comes mounted on a frame, so it was a bit like trying to wear two pairs of glasses! Now that Glass can work with a much wider audience, Google says it will start to invite more users to purchase Glass.

This is a very exciting time for the eyeglass industry. We predict that the incorporation of technology into clothing will be one of the biggest trends throughout 2014.


Google Glass with Prescription Lenses