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Transitions Lenses

Published by at 08:47am on 18th Aug 2015. Last modified at 08:47am on 18th Aug 2015

Get set for summer with Transitions lenses at A1 Eyewear


 During those long summer days, sunlight can become an issue if you have sight problems.


You will probably find yourself constantly having to change from your regular glasses to your prescription sunglasses as you regularly dip in and out of the house, work and shops in a typical day.


But this summer, you could save yourself a lot of the hassle with Transition lenses.


What are Transitions lenses?


Recommended by eye car professionals, Transitions lenses are the world’s number one photochromic lenses.


Put simply, this means that the lenses darken to adjust to lights of different intensities in no time at all, and return back to perfectly clear when the light is not present.


A Transitions lens is basically an ordinary prescription glasses lens, which has been treated with a patented, photochromic dye which enables the lens to be completely clear at night or when indoors, and to darken when exposed to sunlight.


Advanced technology for your glasses


With Transitions lenses, it’s not a case of the tint being just ‘on’ or ‘off’.  Their exclusive technology ensures that your glasses will adjust from clear, to dark, and to every shade in between depending on the level of light they are exposed to.


Today’s advanced Transitions lenses are available across all major lens materials (including polycarbonate and ultra-thin materials) and designs (single vision, bifocals and progressives) – so no matter what prescription you require, you can enjoy effortless vision in all environments.


Want to find out more?


If you are interested in Transitions lenses, then why not pay us a visit at our shop in Wrexham?


We have a wide selection of Transition lenses available in our store for you to try in a range of lens colours so you can see which work best for you and experience the innovative technology for yourself.


We look forward to seeing you!