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Driving Vision

Good eyesight is essential for road safety, and poor vision can be detrimental to your driving abilities.

Every time you drive, you are responsible for ensuring that your vision meets the specified minimum requirements stipulated by the government.

As part of your driving test, you must be able to read a vehicle’s number plate from 20 metres away, and this requirement remains throughout the time you have your licence.

If you notice or suspect any change in the quality of your vision, do not delay in visiting A1 Eyewear’s optometrists and opticians today. We will provide you with a full eye test to ensure your sight is  ‘driving ready,’ and advice on the best eyewear and lenses to use in all light conditions.

If you drive, you should have your eyes checked every two years to make sure you're not putting yourself and others in danger. However, if you’re a commercial driver, your vision requirements may be different.

Details on eye and sight requirements for driving can be found at the 'Changes to vision standards' page on the DVLA website.