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Welsh Eye Care Service

The Welsh Eye Care Service (WECS), or Eye Care Wales, is a free Welsh Assembly initiative to preserve the nation’s sight through the early detection of eye disease, and to give help to those who have poor vision and whose sight is unlikely to improve.

WECS has a tiered structure of eye examinations, follow-ups and further investigations. It allows accredited optometrists, like us, greater clinical freedom to manage patients, thereby reducing the demand on hospital eye services.

Eye Health Examinations

Eye Health Examinations include categories such as dry AMD (agre-related macular degeneration) monitoring and post-operative cataract examinations.

Further Investigations

Further Investigations will enable patients to have additional examinations performed, so that optometrists can further inform their referral, investigate clinical findings, or determine the right course of action following a sight test.

Follow-up Examinations

Follow-up Examinations enable patients to be reviewed after they have had an initial appointment for an eye health examination. This could include, for example, dry eye re-assessment following treatment.

Who is WECS for?

  • Those who have been referred with an eye problem by a GP to an accredited optometrist
  • Those who have an eye problem that occurred suddenly and believe it requires urgent or immediate attention
  • Those with sight in one eye only
  • Those with a hearing impairment or are profoundly deaf
  • Sufferers of Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Those at risk of eye disease by reasons of racial origin or family history.

For more information on the Welsh Eye Care Service, simply get in touch to chat to one of our experts, or visit the Welsh Eye Care Service homepage.