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Maui Jim

Reflect your brilliance. 

Born on the Hawaiian island of Maui nearly 30 years ago, Maui Jim offers a remarkable lens that not only has the finest polarising filters, but also exclusive technology that replaces and renews the natural colours dulled by traditional sunglasses. Sunglasses should be about protection, comfort and an enhanced visual experience; Maui Jim delivers just that.

The difference is impossible to miss. With Maui Jims all glare instantly disappears; harmful UV rays are blocked and the world’s true colours shine through like never before – bolder, richer, crisper and with more contrast and clarity.

Find Maui Jim’s patented, colour-infused Polarised Plus®2 lens technology in every one of our optically correct, distortion-fee lenses. Prescription lenses are also available.

Prescription, only better.

Everyone expects the best, and Maui Jim delivers it. After all, there's no need to compromise quality when it comes to prescription sunglasses. With our own 24,000ft2 state of the art, fully automated lab, we can ensure that each lens is crafted with rigorous attention to optical excellence - combined with all the advantages of Polarised Plus®2 technology.